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Our Exclusive Fresco Replica Process
...each a handcrafted original

From the Ancient Masters...

Although there were variations to the techniques, Minoan Frescoes were created by mixing pigments with water and applying them onto wet plaster where the absorbed colors dried into the surface. This permanent bond allowed portions of the original images to survive through the centuries. Since the artists had to work quickly before the lime plasters dried, their style is characterized by a spontaneous, fluid approach which translated into graceful outlines filled with vibrant colors.

The Minoan palette was limited to the natural pigments available. For example, red for men’s flesh from iron oxides white for women’s flesh from lime, yellow represented gold from ochers, blue represented silver from lapis, and red represented bronze from natural berries.

The ancient artists are long gone but their work still inspires. Ancient Artifice is now recreating those timeless images with amazing reproductions for you to enjoy and display. 21st Century technologies

We’ve combined our years of experience in the decorative arts to meld traditional methods with contemporary materials. Our unique process is a result of extensive experimentation with substrates, materials and technical applications. Although we do not replicate the ancient process, the results look remarkably authentic. Ridged, lightweight panels can be cut to have straight edges or can be carved to produce an irregular broken edge. Applications of various acrylic plasters create the look of a slab of plaster covered stone.

Each image which has been extensively researched to provide as accurate a representation of the original as possible is then transferred to the surface where it is meticulously hand painted with historically accurate colors.

A final glaze with artistic surface manipulation is applied to the fresco creating the appearance of centuries of isolation.

The multi-layer techniques produce a distressed surface replicating centuries of deterioration. The degree of distress can range from pristine to extreme damage.

With the mounting hardware incorporated into the back of the panel, they are ready to hang flush to the wall surface and are designed to be frameless. Hanging hardware and instructions are included with your order.

Ancient Artifice

Inspired by the artistry and imagery of these ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman paintings, Ancient Artifice is creating amazing replicas history's rediscovered images. Each is meticulously handcrafted by Linda Rosato and Tom Wehr resulting in a custom, one-of-a-kind work of ancient art for you to cherish and enjoy for years to come. We are continually adding new images to our existing collections. Select from our current offerings or we can work with you to produce a totally custom piece. Please contact us with any questions or requests you may have. We're looking forward to hearing about your project ideas!

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