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The Roman Collection

Our Roman Collection offers Decorative Paintings unearthed from centuries of being buried under volcanic ash.

Following the decline of the Egyptian and Greek Civilizations, the art of the Roman Empire continued the development of the fresco technique. Most of the examples that have survived throughout the centuries were found in the excavations of homes and villas around Mt. Vesuvius and other buried sites that were hidden for centuries. Roman wall painting was the primary method of interior decoration. The subject matter portrayed themes from mythology, portraiture, historical events and everyday life.
Although the processes were similar, Roman imagery began to take on a more literal representation of their world. The “coloring book”, outline filled forms of the earlier artisans evolved into a more painterly approach where mass, shadow and highlight became much more refined. The mural art reveals a very sophisticated style that includes perspective, both linear and atmosheric, to capture a convincing degree of space and distance. Still life subjects demonstrate a sophisticated degree of realism where attention to detail depicts the textural qualities of subjects, weather it be drapery, -food, ceramics, glass, plants or animals. Portraiture of the day exhibits skill and talent which capture remarkable facial realism and expression and convey the ideals and changing fashions of the Roman people.  View our other unique art collections.

Ancient Artifice

Inspired by the artistry and imagery of these ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman paintings, Ancient Artifice is creating amazing replicas history's rediscovered images. Each is meticulously handcrafted by Linda Rosato and Tom Wehr resulting in a custom, one-of-a-kind work of ancient art for you to cherish and enjoy for years to come. We are continually adding new images to our existing collections. Select from our current offerings or we can work with you to produce a totally custom piece. Please contact us with any questions or requests you may have. We're looking forward to hearing about your project ideas!

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